DubTurbo Review

by musicman on March 25, 2013

Dubturbo Review

Most electronic dance music lover at some point feels he/she can create an ultimate track which will create a buzz. You may even have a tune buzzing in your head; all you need is just to put it into context. Unfortunately that is where most people get stuck and don’t really know where to start? DUBturbo is a resource that may be able to help you become one of the great music content creators.

What is DUBturbo?

It is the most resourceful and popular software available online for to create pro beats. Its simplistic nature allows anyone to create music like professionals. It omitted all those notable problems which exists with other available expensive software and took the place where a professional or even a rookie can use it.

The unique about this software is it will allow you to enjoy a full digital audio work station to show your creativity. You can simply create countless number of beats and sound effects from your own laptop or pc. Also you can integrate your hardware with this software to give your work more professional experience. 16 Tracks of stereo sound to make your music is a unique feature.

Only professionals can come up with something unique like this, who are associated with the field for a long long time. They knew what general user will find difficult in it, that is why the simplicity exists.

What do Real People Say about it?

The best way to find out about anything is to ask those who used them already. Also keep in mind of any reviews when you reading are that, some people are already pre determined about what they want, but they still want to check out for the fun of it. As there is valid 60 day money back guarantee available for anyone who is interested.

James (London, UK): To survive in a DJ business you need to be ahead of your competitor. You have to be unique and set a trend for your own style. I must say I didn’t delay getting my hand on DUBturbo and I am happy that I did it. Its simplistic nature and awesome features led me to create my own beat, which is awesome and everyone likes it. Not only that their video training made it to catch up with the functions pretty quickly.

Jamie (NY, US): Did struggle at the beginning but caught up quickly. Training materials really helped. I must say I am impressed by this little piece of software what does even more than that those expensive ones do. Keyboard shortcuts are amazing. Access to member special area was inspirational and it taught me a great deal. Thanks for those tips guys, I would have been no where if it wasn’t for your help.

Jasper (Vegas, US): allowing me to import my own beats and play with it to perfect is genuinely awesome, not so many software available out there does that. My intention was Buy it, try it and get the refund to get the hell out of it. But instead I fell in love. It is so simple that I created a beat for my younger brother’s birthday and He was so happy that I did it. That was the satisfaction I could ever get from my brother’s birthday. So for me it is absolutely worth it for my investment.

Does it really worth the price?

You get an online version of this software, so I guess that makes it easily accessible from anywhere. It produces 44.1 studio qualities which puts it at the top of the list. It comes up with lots of pre loaded samples and you get to get free updates whenever there is one available. Most valuable is total video tutorial, so you are never lost.

But this doesn’t make it all the way best available. There are some claims needs looking at. They say you can create music in a minute (Anyone). Well easy to say but it takes time and practice for someone to get to know it first and then comes the creation part. Also there preloaded samples are fixed, so you can not add extra in there. Well that is a shame because it would have allowed more flexibility into this software.

Verdict: First of all, comparing the price for all available software really brought forward a genuine point. Same capabilities, extra features, low in price, 24/7 support and so many more on the list. What could possibly get wrong? Well it is a matter of personal choice at the end of the day but why get something for extra price whereas a little tool like this can do more than that. And what strikes me more is that, they are offering 60 days no question asked money back guarantee; which is a win win situation for anyone looking for a beautiful tool like this.

Is it really that great?

When you buy the DubTurbo, you will get a full two month guarantee, during which time if you don’t create the most amazing beats, then you can return the product for a full refund.

Whether your lack of beat has been a problem or you just want an easy to create beat, DubTurbo will address that for you. Now comes with Ron of extra kits from WobbleBoss , It simple to make great beats.

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